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Dating… that 6 letter word that we all cringe at. Some like it, some love it, some hate it. No matter how you feel, there will be something here that will help you. From tips (not rules) to get you to the next date, to the, “do’s and dont’s” of dating, all the way to “pre-dating.” I talk about all of it. So there’s something for everyone.

Dating has evolved over the years. It’s like technology… ever-changing. So we have to adjust in order to keep up or you’ll be stuck in the era of typewriters, tape decks and catalytic converters.

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It’s time to relearn Love.

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Is Friends with Benefits — Beneficial To Your Goal?

Is Friends with Benefits — Beneficial To Your Goal?

While I agree with’s blog about Friends with Benefits, I would like to add more to the definition. Glamour says, “like and trust each other.” This is so far from the truth. Friends with Benefits is often a hookup with minimal connection and very little trust, mixed with an intense carnal desire to smash…