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Distractions Will Not Distract Me

May 14, 2018 0 Comments

The distractions that distract me are thee… worst thing that could ever be… I am not going to let you prevent my progress. Your en-er-gy is like an evolutionary siphon to me, and… I can’t let you stop this hustle. I am going to keep this locomotion because [ distractions ] from the enemy are there to halt my ascension into what my God would foresee.

As a matter of fact…

…my focus is off today, I let social media get to me, by letting the social demons attack my energy. I need to make sure I keep my eyes open for the crows and ravens that pick at me, and want to take me off my mantle…  That…I just can’t handle. [ Distractions ] you insist on questioning my every word, pushing me to brink of rebuttal, but I will not feed you, and I will not acquiesce…. It gives you pleasure while causing me pain… and shame. Even sully my name while giving you a semblance of fame… I can’t blame…

…you [ distractions ], you love to take my attention away, with your good looks, intoxicating smells, apps, and drama. It is only those that trust and believe in the one who created them, that can block all your attempts. Only those who can truly see through his eyes, and discern, before it’s too late…

However, I shift my attention to those who need me; those who feed me, people who desire to give, and not just be greedy.

So, [ distractions ], you can leave me, you are my enemy… manipulative, full of ulterior motive with the results being my defeat. Well… [ distractions ], you have been found out… and now that I know who you are… I can turn my head when I see you coming, I can stay in front, I won’t get behind… I can evade you like Neo in The Matrix, to free my mind.


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