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Secret Things You Need To Know (about men)

· From a man's perspective ·

June 3, 2017 1 Comments

"I don't understand men." I hear this uttered from the mouth's of many women. The best way to understand a man, is to talk to a man with objective understanding and transparency.

Some women only wade in the shallows of a man's heart and mind, because it's safe. We have so much more depth.

Just know that...

We feel pain.
We just hide it better than you.
We keep it inside because society told us that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Pride is a bitch
And we’ve fallen in love with her.

We’re not the type to fuss…
And we don’t talk as much as you do…
When we do, please listen, and stop talking over us.

When we are looking for a wife, sex is not our sole objective…
You are.. for life.

Stop comparing us to boys, in men’s bodies.

We are screaming for understanding…
Can you hear us over the sound of your own voice?

We are not intimidated by you. (Please stop with the memes)…
We are not afraid of your success (Please stop with the memes) and really don’t care about your degrees, money or car…
But some of us, are insecure, a little bitter, and not happy with where we are.

We have been taught and socialized since we were boys, that we need to provide for you…
Now that you provide for yourself, we don’t know what to do.

Some of us are broken. However, we really don’t know it…
We cry for help in our own way, we just need a forum to show it.

Over time we’ve forgotten our role…years of subjugation, frustration, and systematic emasculation, have taken our soul.

We hold so much more value in your lives outside, killing bugs, fixing things, carrying heavy objects, driving you around, and being a financial provider.

We don’t mind being a traditional man. Do you mind being a traditional woman?

Most of us don’t want to marry the IG model type. We just like looking (we’re visual remember?)

We lie, you lie. You cheat, we cheat… now that we’ve established that we both do it…can we move on now?


Jay Thomas

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