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March 20, 2017 0 Comments
Two Urban Licks - Date Night Ideas - Food

When you want to take a special someone out, and you can't figure out where to go, or what to choose... Nothing beats a restaurant with a nice ambiance, isn't too cheap, but not too expensive on the budget, has live music and great service. One of my go-to spots is, Two Urban Licks located in Atlanta's Old 4th Ward, just off the Eastside Beltline trail.

Two Urban Licks is not just any restaurant, they are THE go-to restaurant in Atlanta if you are a lover of calamari. [but I’ll come back to that]

My Personal Two Urban Licks Experience

My first experience there was extremely pleasant. I sat at the bar, the bartender greeted me in a timely manner withInside Two Urban Licks a smile and asked me, “what am I drinking?” Back then I was still drinking [casually] and ordered a kamikaze, my typical drink of choice.  He made it perfect with just the right amount of Vodka, tripe sec and lime juice.

The atmosphere was full of energy, it was a mixed crowd, had good music, great lighting, not too dark and not too bright. I felt like I was back at an old New York night club without the Night Club party feeling. Just a bunch of good people relaxing after a long day.

I ordered the Calamari of course. I’d heard so many good things about the food here.

Shaved Calamari comes with Cilantro, Wasabi Aioli that combines for a sweet and Date Night Ideas - Two Urban Licks - Food sour mixture that will leave your taste buds asking you what took you so long to visit this place. Well At least that’s what my taste buds were saying.

I don’t know anyone who loves Calamari more than I do. I’ve sampled Calamari from many spots such as, Galli and Saggio Restaurants as well as, Maletesta Trattoria in New York city where you can get authentic and fresh Calamari [or about as fresh as you can get Calamari these days]. And Two Urban Licks ranks up there with their own unique style of Calamari.

If you want to impress your date, order the Calamari first.  The portion sizes are pretty large so if you want to share, go for it. Add the Bronzed Scallops which are also a decent portion size if you want to share.


You’d spend roughly $40.00 outside any additional courses and drinks you might Date Night Ideas - Two Urban Licks Calamari order, plus tax and gratuity.

Please visit the Two Urban Licks website for more information:

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