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The Definition of Insanity is the Definition for Dating

· Are we really insane? ·

February 23, 2017 1 Comments

I was thinking about relationships, and why people enter them in addition to the definition of insanity.

Why do we really want to be with someone else? There's adjusting to their habits, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, medical issues, credit, financial complications, insecurities, unknown idiosyncrasies, personality disorders, ego, pride, commitment phobias, sexual incompatibility, chameleon-like ways, laziness, indecisiveness... and in the words of Yul Brynner...."etc. etc. etc."

Then we want to lay in the bed shades down, covers pulled, hair a mess, (HURT!) listening to Sade or some extremely slow song where the concealed message (if you play it backwards) is saying..."you were stupid af."

Yet here we are... longing for love, longing for companionship. So badly, that we are willing to put ourselves in this position over and over again to be physically, mentally and emotionally lacerated...and in a lot of cases, by the same person.

Who the what?!!! That doesn't make any sense. What planet do they do that on?

This one apparently.

Are we as humans insane, irrational or maniacal for running the gauntlet knowing that we don’t know all the tricks and cheats or should I say… have the, “knowledge” to avoid the traps? That being said, were we purposely created to fail, and then succeed in love? Is all this failure really the quiz before the real test? Why do we go on dating sites when we know the many pitfalls… the underlying purposes of some of those sites, the predators that lie in wait, the scams, the geriatric man who solicits your inbox for favors, the copy-and-paste black belts, the egotistical profile collectors. At any rate, we know this beforehand… and yet we still go through it. Like the 9 volt battery you consistently put on your tongue knowing it’s going to sting. That’s that very definition of insanity.

Is it called, hope and faith? Or plain stupidity? Either way, we all have a little of it in us (I was talking about both… stupidity and hope). Some to a larger extent than others. But we all have a percentage that drives us to do some dumb shit! Some things are what they are…such as:

1. Staying with someone, hoping they will change = Insanity ²

When honestly, you know its over. = Illogical (Spock would agree) and, yeah I’ve done this one.


2. Getting into a relationship with more flags than the United Nations building in New York.

Level 3 Insanity. (I’ve done this one as well)

Man Praying for God To Change the person he is in a relationship with. Insanity at it's finest hour.

Photo Credit: Ben White


3. Trying to change someone into an image of what we want them to be = Insanity ³

Knowing it’s going to end badly because they’ve shown no willingness or flexibility to change in the past.

Road Signs telling you you're going the wrong way but you go anyway. Insanity.

That being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that we as humans are crazy and certifiable, in need of psychiatric help. At the very least, definite gluttons for punishment and born with a level of insanity inherent within us, that drives us over and over to seek out the very thing that will hurt us as some point during the process.

But, We can’t escape what we are.

As a result, it’s only natural that we pursue it [love] so hard. Want it so badly. And thus continues the popularity of love ballads, breakup songs and of course the regular visits to the insanity corner in our bedrooms to wallow in the misery of our own bad decisions.

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