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Shoe Of The Month – Converse Chuck Taylor Pro Leather Vintage Suede


February 23, 2017 0 Comments

They're Chucks! And they're suede!! What more do you need???!!

One thing I’ve always know is, you can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Especially Suede Chuck Taylor’s at a very low price tag of $90!

I am absolutely in-love with the grey Vintage Suede Chuck Taylor’s. They are not the version you typically see on the streets and they can be worn on an outing in the park, to the movies, a concert, etc.  I like them because they are versatile. They are also comfortable enough to wear for extended hours . They actually look more stylish than the original versions, which means wearing them for different occasions is definite.

With multiple colorways available such as red, blue or green, you can definitely find a pair that will match almost any outfit you want to wear. And with Spring coming up, these are the perfect shoes.

I chose the grey colorway because it is a neutral color that matches anything. I personally like the red and black version, but not for any occasion. These sneakers are suede, so they require special care, so be mindful of that.

Just don’t get them wet or you’ll ruin them. Unless you buy Suede Protector

Need A Full Outfit To Go With Those Chuck Taylor’s?

I recommend a few pairs of these in your closet for Spring/Summer 2017 as well as:

  1. A pair of cargo shorts that extend below your knees but not too long. Remember…”wear your size” I like the tan or khakis color here.
  2. A nice plain white short-sleeved no pocket tee or polo style shirt.
  3. Watch (preferably one with a silver or grey strap) But a white strap works as well. You can find one here: Watches
  4. Low cut or “no-show” socks. Show off those legs.

You can round out your outfit with a baller-band or two for the non-watch arm… or one bracelet of your choosing for a little extra swag.


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